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Welcome to Tracey's Sewing Room 

Our shop has opened in the heart of Dorking to offer you a chance to get in touch with your creative side.  Come and have some fun growing your skills if you have never sewn before or improving them where you just need more experience to tackle those projects you have never felt confident enough to tackle on your own at home.


We have a wonderful range of sewing lessons available, along with lots of fabrics and a wide range of haberdashery for all your bits and bobs that you will need.

There are shorter lessons that are offered in the mornings, afternoons and even some evenings depending on demand.  Then there are the packaged courses that extend over a number of days and are more extensive.  All sessions are limited to six people. We also offer individual lessons.

A key focus of our sewing is about mindfulness.  We've all been through a lot over the past few years and it's time to reconnect with what makes us happy.  For many of us this is about finding ways to spend our time that gives us purpose and enjoyment, it's about connecting with others on a social level, and its about cutting down our impact on the planet.

We want people to be more mindful about their wardrobe needs.  Consider just how much energy and water is used in the fashion industry.  We would like to think that our sewing lessons can help make people more self-sufficient and at the same time learn to be more planet friendly and enjoy connecting with a community of like-minded sewing enthusiast doing the same thing.  We promise it will make you a lot happier!!

Come and be part of our sewing community at


Tracey's Sewing Room


where beautiful things come together one stitch at a time.


Thank you for your interest and for supporting Small Business UK. Your interest in my business is really important to me. My sewing lessons and all the TOH products we make at the shop are crafted with great love and attention to detail for you to enjoy. Many thanks.


Warm regards


Tracey  O'Hanlon

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