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For help with threading hand sewing needles, these needle threaders by Prym are a must! The metal threaders work very well, especially for those with poor eye sight or shaky hands as threading needles is a very fiddly job!


The aluminium needle threaders and spring steel is a classic among threaders, which everyone knows from their grandmother’s sewing box. With its fine loop made of flexible spring steel wire, it is ideal for fine yarn and hand sewing needles with a small eye.


The aluminium platelet has a nostalgic embossing and is used as a grip when threading. When threading with a large eye, the needle threader can also thread coarser yarn or wool, as long as no force is used for threading. This has turned it into a popular aid at the professional and domestic sewing station for four decades.

Prym Aluminium Needle Threaders QTY: 2

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