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Prym Bodkin Needle sets are predominately used for threading and sewing larger items, such as ribbons and elastic. These over-sized needles, feature a larger eye as well as a blunt end. Each pack contains two different needles.


These bodkins, made of hardened steel and refined brass with a golden eye, are suitable for inserting elastic tapes and cords through a waistband, hood, etc. The brass version is a needle that is divided at the shank and open towards the eye, which gives the tip of the needle a spherical shape. If a tape is threaded through this eye and then inserted down the needle shaft halves, it gets caught and can then be pulled through the tunnel while it is securely anchored.


The other bodkin, made of stainless steel, is also a blunt needle. However, it has a wide, flattened, and thus, thinner needle shaft with a long and round eye. The long eye is intended to accept tapes and thick yarns, the round one is suitable for finer yarns and o-rings. The needles’ burr-free, rounded tips cannot pierce through the material and therefore slide easily through any fabric. Its balanced spring stiffness and smooth, covered surface make these needles professional tools.

Prym Assorted Bodkins Hand Sewing Needles QTY: 2

SKU: 131 320
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