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These 43mm x 0.60mm yellow glass-headed pins are from Prym in Germany. They are extra long for use in dressmaking, curtain-making and quilting when you have a lot of layers.


They have heat-resistant round heads made of premium glass. The pin’s smooth stem, made of hardened steel, has balanced spring stiffness, and as a result, it cannot bend or break. Its fine tip easily penetrates any fabric, thereby going easy on the fibres.


The glass-headed pins are the premium variants of the pins. They stand out due to their heat-resistant, round head made of premium glass. The glass heads are yellow in colour, which you can effortlessly recognise in the fabric after sewing the pinned work pieces. 


They are 43 mm in length and 0.6 mm thick.

Prym Glass-headed Pins COLOUR: Yellow SIZE: 43 X 0.6 mm QTY: 20 g

SKU: 029 153
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