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Chenille Needles from Whitecroft featuring a sharp tip are suitable Short needles with large eyes and sharp points. Once used for working with chenille yarn, these needles are ideal for sewing coarse and strong fabrics using thick threads or yarns and are also perfect for embroidery using ribbons or for tying quilts..


The needles are made of absolutely burr-free hardened steel and have a symmetrical, punched eye. For easy threading of wool or thicker yarns the needles need a correspondingly large eye, hence the size range available. The finely honed tip and the smooth coated surface allows the needles to glide effortlessly through any material.


A balanced ratio of length and strength gives flexibility while ensuring they are stable and do not break.

Whitecroft Chenille Sewing Needles SIZE: 18/24 QTY: 6

VAT Included |

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